Overlooking Schools and Children

A critical error you can make is to forget about the needs of your children. Is your new home close enough for the children to walk to their new school, is there bus service just down the street, does the school offer academics suitable to your children’s needs, or is it right next door and you’ve reached a point in your life where you would prefer quiet solitude?

Caught up in the passion of your new home, it is easy to overlook and undermine these questions. After six months of taking your children to and from school, you may find yourself experiencing the need for more freedom. By graduation, your children may find that had they attended another secondary school, the university prerequisites would have been fulfilled. You may thoroughly enjoy sitting alone in your private backyard only to find recess noise and the school’s outdoor gym activities hamper your need for solitude. Determine the answers with your Real Estate Agent before signing on the dotted line!