We are all familiar with more funds going out than what is coming in. Kids these days always want the best regardless of whether they can really afford it or not. It is easy for a Real Estate Agent to nod their head and make the quick commission, fully realizing that one-year later when the marriage is on the rocks that they will be earning another commission as the property is on the market again.

Careful budgeting is the order of the day! First time purchasers be warned that it is very easy to buy beyond your means, as you count on dual incomes until the new baby arrives. It is better to buy the home you need and can comfortably afford than experience being forced to sell and buy down. House rich and cash poor is not the way to experience life!

On the opposite end of the scale is purchasing a home that offers less function and feature than what you really need. Inevitably, you will end up purchasing the right home and have to bear the cost of reselling and moving again.